000301 《The Great Wall of China》Wool Carpet Painting

300 x 200 x 3.3 cm

Listing Expiry: 2017-06-30
Unit Price
Sales price:USD 1,600,000.00
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Item serial no.: 000301
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《The Great Wall of China》Wool Carpet Painting
Wool Carpet Factory, Inner Mongolia

300 x 200 x 3.3 cm

Message from Seller:
This wool carpet painting was one of the five paintings with the same pattern made in 1964
by the Wool Carpet Factory of Inner Mongolia. The 1st one is currently hanging in the Great
Hall of the People in Beijing; The 2nd one was given to the ex-President Nixon of USA as gift
by our Prime Minister Zhou En Lai during Nixon's visit to China in 1972; The 3rd one was
donated to the United Nation when China joined as a member; The 4th one was given to Mr.
Jiang Ze Min, the ex-Chief Secretary of China in 2005 as gift through Mr. Zeng Qin Hong &
Liu Yun Shan. The factory is now closed, the current listing is the 5th painting, which was
made by pure wool with the size of 300 x 200 cm with the thickness of 3.3 cm. The seller is
now seeking a buyer for this painting through our website.

Market Estimate
HKD 20,000,000-30,000,000
Buy it now Price
HKD 12,000,000


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